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Transition to College - Roadmaps for Success

Older teens and young adults, with ADD, often have trouble organizing their lives, and staying focused on what's important to them. Luckily, high school is a very structured time, with lots of classes, homework, and activities. This structure and support helps students stay focused and organized.

Once students have figured out the keys to success in high school, the rules of the game suddenly change drastically as they enter college. The transition from high school to college is one of the most challenging transitions in the lives of those with ADD. Not only do many students live away from home, leaving loved ones and old friends, they also enter a new world with very little structure and guidance. Many teens can't wait for their newfound freedom. They get to decide how, and with whom, to spend their time, without parents breathing over their shoulders.

Unfortunately, this freedom is often accompanied by anxiety. This is even more pronounced in young adults with ADD/ADHD. Faced with so many choices, they have many questions. "How do I begin to choose courses and a major?" "What are my goals?" "How do I handle money?" "If I go to this concert tonight, will I be prepared for my exam tomorrow morning?" "What do I need to do today, if my next assignment is due weeks from now?"

Many students develop problems because of chronic procrastination - avoiding work until the last minute, and sometimes even past the last minute - necessitating that they request incompletes in many courses. Others don't know how to balance their social life with their academic life, and end up going overboard with reckless spending, alcohol and drug abuse, and promiscuity. Some students withdraw, isolating themselves from their peers and developing depression, eating disorders, or alcoholism.

Wouldn't it be nice to give students a guide to help them during their college years?

Here, we present two guides on the roadmap for success...

Susan Orenstein, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist in Chapel Hill (a college town), recognized many college students with ADD/ADHD were experiencing overwhelming stress. These students had an abundance of resources available to them (books, internet articles, pamphlets from student health advisors, counselors), but how could they sift through this information without becoming overwhelmed and dazed? She saw the need for one, comprehensive guide to manage their time, stay focused, balance school work and social life, and make connections on campus. She created The Ultimate Organizer for College Life, a student organizer, planner, workbook, and survival guide in one. It is now available as a pdf in the bookstore on this website.

Coaching College Students with AD/HD, is designed to help college students with AD/HD take action. Written in an Issues/Answer format, this book makes it easy to address problems as they arise. Like having an individual coach, college students will find this tool provides structure, helps them with self-observation, and assists them in staying focused on their academic goals.

In addition there are many other books and pdfs to help teens navigate this difficult time in the boostore of this website.


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