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Information for Teens with ADHD and their Parents

If you're a teen with ADHD (or the parent of a teen), welcome to our Teen Site.

You may not know it now, but you're one of the lucky teens with ADHD!

First, you're lucky because you already know that you have ADHD. Many people don't know about their ADHD until they are much older. So they don't know what is getting in their way or what they can do about it. But you DO know that you have ADHD, which means that all the important decisions that are coming up - college, work, career direction, moving out on your own, dating, lifestyle - can be made from an ADD-friendly perspective.

Second, you're lucky because you're doing something about your ADHD - you're on this website looking for information so that you can understand how ADHD affects you and what you need to do to take charge of your ADHD.

Third, some of the things about ADHD that make high school more difficult can actually become assets for you if you make ADD-smart decisions. What's important is to get the help you need for ADHD and to make decisions that are good for you. There are many very successful people with ADHD - they are people who've chosen the right kind of career and have created an ADD-friendly life - a life that gives them the structure and support that they need to achieve.

Bookmark this page and come back to it often - we'll be adding new things all the time to help you during your high school years and to help you get ready for your future.

Getting started...

The more you know about yourself and your ADHD, the better off you will be. This Teen Section is designed to help you learn about yourself, to learn about the choices you have and about the supports that you'll need to be successful as you go through high school and get ready for independence. Here are a few articles to help you (and your parents) get started:

More Resources for Teens and Parents

Coaching Sites

Edge Foundation ADHD Coaches for high school and college students

Send us your Ideas. Send us your ideas about information and articles you'd like to see on the teen section of our site. By hearing from you, we'll be able to develop this section to better meet your needs.

Send us your Answers. If you have developed good strategies to deal with ADHD problems, let us know about them. People who live with ADHD every day are the real experts. The answers you've found can help many other people.

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Help4ADD @ HighSchool

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