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May 2005

Welcome to ADDvice for ADD-Friendly Living

Each month, ADDvice will provide tips, tools, and strategies to help you live well despite your ADD. This month, in honor of Mother's Day, we have decided to dedicate this column to helping moms with ADD develop daily routines that work for them and for the whole family.

Many mothers, with ADD, have come to us over the years, frustrated because they can not find adequate resources to guide them through their own ADD. One mother, with ADD, succinctly described her challenge, asking, "How am I supposed to organize my child when I can't even organize myself?"

Developing Daily Routines - The ADD-Friendly Way

Daily life, in many families with ADD members, can be chaotic. Developing daily routines, particularly a "morning routine" and an "evening routine", can help your family be more orderly. Work on developing these routines as a family, and problem-solve as a family when a routine isn't working.

Morning Routine
A morning routine begins with getting out of bed, and ends with departing for the day's activities. Different family members may have different routines, but they need to be coordinated. Decide:

  • What time should each family member get up in the morning?
  • What should be done if that family member oversleeps?
  • Who needs help getting ready for school and who will help them?
  • What time is breakfast and who prepares it?
  • When is departure time?

Problem-solve when the morning routine isn't working smoothly:

  • Maybe the "late-sleeper" needs an earlier bedtime.
  • Maybe the "can't-find-my-shoes" child needs to lay out clothes the night before.
  • Maybe it would help to have healthy grab-and-go breakfasts available for mornings when someone is running late.

Evening Routine
A successful morning routine depends upon a good evening routine. When you make preparations in the evening and get to sleep on time, your morning routine will go more smoothly. An evening routine should specify such things as:

  • "Homework time" for each child.
  • "Bath time" for each child.
  • Preparations to be made for the next day - preparing lunches, setting clothes out, collecting items needed for school.
  • "Get in bed time" for each child.
  • "Lights out time" for each child.
  • Just as important, "go to sleep" time for Mom.

Many women with ADD sabotage their own morning routines by staying up too late reading or watching TV, then not getting up in time to supervise an organized morning routine for the children.

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Moms need all the help and support they can get. For more help see:


from ADDventures in Babysitting by Ellen Kingsley, page 13.

Tip: Children with ADHD can get unruly.
TRICK - If "hyper" behavior starts to get out of hand, redirect the child to a more appropriate activity. For example, if Johnny is jumping wildly on the bed, redirect: "Let's put on some cool rap music and dance here on the carpet!"

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