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June 2005

Welcome to ADDvice for ADD-Friendly Living

Each month, ADD-Friendly Living provides tips, tools, and strategies to help you live well despite your ADD. Last month, we helped moms deal with ADHD within the family. Now that the summer weather is here, this month we would like to highlight some ADD-Friendly Ways to deal with the confusion, disarray, and frustration that changing your wardrobe brings along each season. This month's ideas come from THE A.D.D. Audio Coach Workbook (page 62). This great program is specifically designed for adults living with ADHD and can be purchased from (see below). This program receives a 5 star rating from ADD-Friendly Living. Judge for yourself after reading the information presented here.

Going through your wardrobe

Step 1: Look around your room and decide what space you have available for clothes. Clothing should only take up about half of your closet space, and 75% of your bureau space. In your closet, you will then have enough space for other items like shoes, bathrobes or accessories.

Step 2: Keep only items that you actually wear, and can match with ease.

Step 3: ADD-Friendly method for going through a wardrobe.

    • Start with pants or skirts. Put them on the bed.
    • Separate into two piles: Work clothing and casual clothing. After you have separated all the pants and skirts you own into these two piles, you are on mission.
    • Move through the piles and discard any items that do not look great on you, just as a professional organizer would do. Match a shirt and jacket (if you wear jackets). Hang together in the closet. When the closet is half full, you are done.
    • If you live in a four-season environment, then you will want to have storage for out-of-season clothing, but remember the rule. When you take the clothing out of storage, keep only the best and limit it to half the space available for the clothing you want to keep in your closet. This allows for free flowing movement and you will be forced to keep only the best.
    • When you are sure you have chosen only the best, bag the rest for charity.

Requirements for keeping an item:

    • It must be in perfect condition.
    • You should feel very comfortable wearing it.
    • It should look great on you.
    • If you don't remember how it looks try it on right now.
    • If it meets at least two of the above, it is a keeper.

Underclothes: Gather up all. Look for any old, worn items and discard immediately.

Socks: If you are looking at a mound of mismatched socks, simply discard. Start fresh.

Stockings: Decide to keep "only the best."

Suits, dresses and gowns: If you think you may have too many suits, dresses or gowns, simplify. If you can not decide, then take out your organizer, read through your upcoming events and assign an outfit. If you have very few events coming up over the next 12 months that require these gowns, you may decide to pack them away safely or donate the ones that are clearly outdated. If you own any items that are too short, too long, or need tailoring, you need to make a pile to go to the tailors. Discard. If you are looking at a huge pile of possible outfits, you may save yourself time and energy and by getting rid of these worn articles immediately.

The goals are to:

    • Simplify
    • Streamline
    • Automate

The process of caring for, storing, and using the clothing that you keep should be designed with the above goals in mind. If you never go to the dry cleaners, keep this in mind when deciding what to keep. Move forward from this point with the best wardrobe you can. Imagine what would be accomplished if you hired a professional organizer and a tailor. While you were out, they went through your wardrobe and left you precisely the right amount of clothing neatly folded away or hanging in your closet. What remains is the best of the best. Make sure each outfit looks great on you and that the material is in wonderful shape (no stains, pulls, or worn areas). The colors have been chosen to work together so that you can easily walk in and put together a terrific match. Ah, the relief. No hunting, no worries, no piles. No clogged-up, messy closet to live with!

The ADD Audio Coach
Published By: LifeLifters, Inc

Designed specifically for adults with AD/HD, this 87-minute, 3-CD audio course -- with companion 120-page workbook -- will help you regain control over your time, home environment, and personal finances. The CDs function like coaching sessions, guiding you past your roadblocks, and offering new ways of approaching old problems. The workbook includes exercises, comprehensive lists, and visual tools that will help you put these principles into practice every day. Even if you've never been able to get organized before, this system will create awareness of your specific challenges, provide tools for you to rely on, and help build a plan for your future success.

Buy The ADD Audio Coach Now!

Tip#1: Promote Better Interactions with Your Child with ADHD

Intense emotions are often initially difficult for a child with ADHD to describe or even contain. Emotions spill out in inappropriate ways or the intensity of the emotion is out of proportion to the situation. Helping your child regain balance can occur if you acknowledge his or her feelings, i.e., "It seems like it was really hard for you to hear 'no, just now" and, ignore the intensity or meet your child’s intensity with a calm voice and subdued attitude.

This month’s FOCUS SERIES: Parents Helping Kids with ADD at Home includes an article by Dr. Patrick Kilcarr on “The Importance of a Dad in the Life of an ADD Child.”

Tip #2: Closets - managing the mess

For closets, take the doors off if possible. I do this because then I can see everything in front of me. Also, I try to keep clothes for the current season in the closet and store the rest in labeled boxes or stand-up wardrobes. It also helps to group colors together or put outfits together that you know you like. Over time you may realize what you never wear. Then, you can give them away or toss them out.

Sarah Walz Golden Valley, MN

Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD by Terry Matlen, Page 19

Buy Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD Now!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Fathers of children with ADHD have always touched me with their wit and wisdom. They seem to be able to get at what is important and to know what needs to be done. To read more about what fathers have to say about ADHD be sure to read, Voices from Fatherhood: Fathers, Sons, and ADHD by Drs Quinn and Kilcarr.

Buy Voices from Fatherhood: Fathers, Sons and AD/HD Now!


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